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Palmisano Receives Outstanding Alumnus Award

Dr. Donald J. Palmisano will receive the 2013 Outstanding Alumnus Award from the Tulane Medical Alumni Association on October 4 during the fall reunion celebration. Palmisano is honored because of his work in patient safety, risk management, leadership, medical liability reform, emergency communications and disaster preparedness.

After graduating from Tulane University in 1960 and Tulane University School of Medicine in 1963, and Tulane Surgery residency in 1968, Palmisano went on to receive a law degree from Loyola Law School. A former president of the American Medical Association (2003-2004) and the Louisiana State Medical Society (1984-85), Palmisano has delivered over 1,000 speeches and media interviews.

He has testified before Congress many times on medical liability reform, patient safety, antitrust, health system reform and patient privacy. His message about the need for less government and third-party involvement in medicine as well as the need to fix the broken liability system has not changed since he first testified to Congress in 1976 during the hearings on National Health Insurance. He was a key participant in the development and passage of La. Act 817 of 1975, the comprehensive medical malpractice legislation in Louisiana. His goal throughout his medical career has been to protect ethical science-based medicine and patients. His national advocacy for patient privacy and medical record confidentiality resulted in the American Psychiatric Association awarding him an honorary fellowship in the American Psychiatric Association in 2003.

Palmisano is president of Intrepid Resources®, a risk management and patient safety company, and is the author of the acclaimed book, On Leadership – Essential Principles for Success, now in the expanded second edition. His latest book, The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons, which contains leadership quotes, was published in 2012.

Visit Tulane's website to see the online announcement

Dr. Palmisano's remarks on receiving
TMAA Outstanding Alumnus Award 2013


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