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Intrepid Resources' Services
Intrepid Resources now only does risk management services, and lectures on patient safety, risk management, and leadership.

What is Malpractice?
A primer of the law.

Risk Management Tips
Proven effective risk management tips. These tips include the ``Big A" and ``25 C's" of risk management.

Informed Consent
An overview of Informed Consent and a summary of the legislative history in Louisiana. Futhermore, the specific ``material risk" for medical procedures as determined by the Louisiana Medical Disclosure Panel can be accessed from this link.

Intrepid Resources' Links List
An informative and comprehensive list of Internet medical, legal and legislative sites. There is the lagniappe of the Potpourri list which includes news, fun sites, and sites that allow you to find full text of books on the Internet.

The Power of Words in Malpractice Litigation

The Sine Qua Non of Quality Medical Care by Donald J. Palmisano, MD, JD

Six Commandments of Medicine
Discover the commandments in this Commencement Speech by Dr. Palmisano

Forty-Year Anniversary of the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act, Act 817 of 1975. J La State Med Soc VOL 167 July/August 2015, 189-195
Also available at the Journal LSMS site.
Reprinted with permission of the Journal of Louisiana State Medical Society.


The 2010 "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act": A Failing Grade

Louisiana State Medical Society (LSMS) "CHIP" program - Consumer Health Investment Plan for health system reform - Wisdom from 1980! Reproduced with permission of LSMS.

Doctors, Lawyers, and Patients:
Three's a Crowd

Courtesy of Connecticut Medicine.

President Barack Obama holds Dr. Palmisano's book ON LEADERSHIP.

The Pelican Newsletters
These newsletters were published by the Louisiana Medical Society during Dr. Palmisano's successful nationwide campaign to become a member of the American Medical Association's Board of Trustees.

Dr. Palmisano's Restaurant List
Dr. Palmisano's favorite New Orleans Restaurants. An eclectic list, which  includes some you will not find in the tourist books, summarized by a native New Orleanian.

Lectures and Speeches NEW!!
Dr. Palmisano is available for lectures and speeches. Go here to learn more about his acclaimed lectures and inspirational speeches.

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