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The Help You Need Is Always On Call With Intrepid Resources.

 "Intrepid has helped us achieve our goals of ensuring a high quality of patient care and minimizing costs to our company through effective risk management techniques and skilled management of claims. Dr. Palmisano's combined medical and legal background has been an important factor in achieving our goals, including significant savings for our company. We are also impressed with both his personal involvement in the process and his accessibility."

 Bruce R. Soden
 Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
 Ramsay Health Care, Inc. New Orleans, Louisiana

 "Dr. Palmisano has helped us in the areas of claim management and risk management. He has reviewed our claim files and has made pertinent recommendations. In addition, Dr. Palmisano has given risk management seminars to our membership on numerous occasions."

 "Our membership has found Dr. Palmisano's seminars to be lively, interesting and memorable. I am most certain that claims have been avoided by means of Dr. Palmisano's seminars."

 Norman J. Slaustas
 Executive Vice President
 HAPI's Physician Indemnity Plan
 Honolulu, Hawaii

 "My experience with Dr. Palmisano has always been a positive one. His unique background makes him particularly well suited for claims and risk management consulting. He combines his medical background and legal training with a practical and aggressive approach which, in my view, has been both cost efficient and effective for the client. He has been innovative in his ideas for cost saving measures as well as protection from liability."

 Donna G. Klein, R.N., J.D.
 Head, Health Care Section
 McGlinchey Stafford Lang
 New Orleans, Louisiana

 "In short, Dr. Palmisano brought to our Clinic (Mahorner) and our physicians the same lucid and stimulating style, professional excellence, eternal patience and total dedication that he had continually provided his physician trainees and patients. He was always available. Calls were returned promptly, often with minutes from distant parts of the country."

 "Our Clinic and staff developed a new awareness and proficiency in claims and risk management and malpractice prevention."

 "Of great importance were the services provided by Dr. Palmisano in the areas of dealing with insurers and the selection and monitoring of defense attorneys, and expert witnesses. His communications and relations with plaintiffs' attorneys were often crucial to resolution of complaints. Furthermore, his advice as to strategy was invaluable."

 "Finally, Dr. Palmisano's personal and professional ethics and integrity are of the highest order. He enjoys an outstanding reputation as a professional in two disciplines and as a community member. I recommend him without reservation."

 John J. Walsh, M.D.
 Chancellor Emeritus
 Tulane University Medical Center
 President/CEO Mahorner Clinic
 New Orleans, Louisiana

 "Dr. Palmisano has handled claim investigations for a number of our accounts on which we have received very favorable results due to prompt, comprehensive and aggressive claims handling by him and his staff."

 William M. Babicz, ARM
 Divisional Senior Vice President
 AIG/TS (American International Group/Technical Services)
 New York, New York


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