Vol. VIII, No. 1 The Louisiana Campaign Newsletter December 1995

What is this Pelican, anyway?

 The Pelican is the campaign newsletter of the Louisiana State Medical Society. It was first used in 1987, with Donald Palmisano, M.D., J.D., as editor, to launch the campaign of Daniel H. Johnson, Jr., M.D. for the position of Vice Speaker of the AMA House of Delegates. The newsletter is intended to inform AMA delegates and alternates about the LSMS candidates for AMA office. This year the focus will be on Dr. Palmisano in his campaign for our AMA Board of Trustees.


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December 7, 1995

 AMA Delegates and Alternate Delegates
 Presidents and Executive Directors
 of State Medical Associations
 National Medical Specialty Societies

 Dear Colleague:

 The Louisiana State Medical Society, the Orleans Parish Medical Society, and the Louisiana Delegation to the American Medical Association are pleased to announce their endorsement and support for the candidacy of Donald J. Palmisano, M.D., J.D. for election to our AMA Board of Trustees at the 1996 Annual Meeting.

 Donald brings to this election an outstanding record of service and experience at all levels of organized medicine. As a former president of the Louisiana State Medical Society and a private practicing physician, he is keenly aware of the concerns that face our colleagues daily. As an attorney with special expertise in risk management and claims negotiation, he has channeled his education and experience to assist his fellow physicians and health care entities in dealing with professional liability issues. As an activist concerned about the environment in which we practice, he has demonstrated his political abilities by helping to enact legislation that has calmed the professional liability climate in Louisiana.

 Wisdom and experience - with the dedication, integrity, and courage to stand on principle - are qualities Donald brings to this position. Donald's consensus building has reached across medical specialities. We hope you will join us in endorsing and supporting Donald J. Palmisano as have the American College of Surgeons and the American Gastroenterological Association.

 A Strong Voice for Medicine. A Clear Choice for Trustee.


Lawrence L. Braud, M.D.     W. Juan Watkins, M.D.

President    AMA Campaign Manager




A Strong Voice. A Clear Choice.

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The Pelican Brief - The candidate's position on the issues

Of veterinarians and physicians

 It was Saturday, November 4. My wife Robin and I were returning to New Orleans from the Annual Meeting of the Louisiana State Medical Society in Lafayette, LA. Suddenly we noted what appeared to be a dead puppy with her eyes open in the middle of a four-lane highway. Robin wondered if the puppy still might be alive. I turned the car around, pulled off the road, and made my way to the puppy. The puppy blinked at me and slightly moved her head ... she looked so sad. She was emaciated, had blood around her head, and was loaded with fleas. I picked her up with a flat board splint (a political yard sign) in the event she had a broken neck or back. We used the portable phone and found a veterinary emergency clinic. Examination showed that the blood had come from the loss of several teeth. There were also three fractures of the pelvis and skin abrasions. We then transferred her to a tertiary treatment facility in New Orleans (actually, the Metairie Small Animal Hospital) where she also was found to have pulmonary contusions and multiple types of worms.

 Because she had a red coat and was found in Lafayette, land of the Cajuns and near the home of Tabasco (Avery Island), we decided to name her "Tabasco." After recuperating for a week in the hospital and getting rid of the worms, fleas, and receiving her vaccinations, we took her home to meet Sacha and Chloe, two Dachsund sisters that we have had for six years. Tabasco appears overjoyed to have found a home. She is obviously very bright and doesn't back off from a fight, traits that apparently served her well on the street .

 You probably wonder what any of this has to do with a political campaign. An overriding thought that kept recurring to me during this rescue odyssey was the observation that from my childhood I have never met a veterinarian I did not like. I always was able to speak directly to the veterinarian whenever my pet was ill and have him or her meet me in the veterinary office if necessary. The veterinarians I have encountered always have demonstrated visible compassion for my pets' plight and patience with my questions. Why is it physicians today do not enjoy the same fond remembrance universally? I believe the federal government has thwarted the conscientious efforts of physicians by creating bureaucratic obstructions that interfere in the physician-patient relationship. A stated goal in my campaign is to work to implement the policies of our AMA. I will maintain an especially vigilant eye to assure that those policies that decrease bureaucracy, permit choice in the selection of physician, and restore the right to privately contract between physician and patient will be assertively pursued. The accomplishment of this goal will remove bureaucratic intrusions in the doctor-patient relationship. The compassion

 of physicians will once again be visible and readily accessible. It is my dream that one day patients will likewise say they have never met a physician they did not like.

 If you haven't reached this conclusion yet, I am happy to announce Tabasco is the official mascot of my campaign!


 Dr. Palmisano questions Dr. Bill Frist,
U.S. Senator from Tennessee, at the
1995 AMA Grassroots Conference in Washington, DC about whether the proposed Medicare reforms include the right to privately contract (AMA Policy 165.916).

The Pelican

The campaign newsletter of the
Louisiana State Medical Society

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 Cary Aguillard, Jr., M.D.
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